Automation and Technology

By 2030, automation and technology decreases labour demand and increases productivity and competitiveness.



The adoption of automation and technology is used to apply the skills of an agile labour force and increase productivity and competitiveness.

Increase adoption of automation and technology across the agriculture and food and beverage manufacturing sectors.

Ensure the workforce has the necessary skills for evolving automation and technology. 

Key Performance Indicators


The industry will see an important transition to automation and technology in each sector as it continues to experience shortages in labor. Although it is not the only answer to the falling labor supply. The Automation & Technology Working Group will understand the increase in capital investments and its correlation to labor productivity. They will also examine the need for upskilling and re-skilling due to the changes in technology.

The working group will conduct research to inform the development of the workforce strategy. It will investigate the capacity of members of the agriculture and food and beverage manufacturing sectors to increase their use of automation and technology. Industry representatives will have the knowledge required to make recommendations about how, when and what technology could be adopted to decrease the demand for labour and increase the productivity and competitiveness of Canada’s agricultural and food and beverage manufacturing sectors.  

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Foundational Themes
  • Infrastructure
  • Competitiveness and Profitability
  • Indigenous
  • Data
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion